Do we set up indoors?

Yes we do!  We recommend to have shade for outdoor set-ups equipment does get hot with sun rays.


*** We do not set-up outdoors in rainy / damp weather or chance of rain on the date of your event, customer is responsible to plan / arrange setting up indoors or cancel *** 

We do not set-up on damp grass, we advise to turn off sprinklers the day before your event.


Is there a delivery fee? 

Yes there is, rental prices do not include delivery fee, please contact us for delivery fee quote. 

How often do we clean our equipment?

We clean after each rental and when we deliver to your event, with what? we use (The Honest Co. and Clean Smart)

Do we require a deposit?   

Yes we do, a 50%  deposit  to reserve the date, the deposit will be credited towards your invoice.  Deposit is non-refundable, if you need to cancel you will receive credit for future event.

Deposit accepted via Paypal (3% fee will apply)  or Zelle (No fee) 

Your invoice will also include a $100.00 refundable security deposit. 


***Security deposit is refunded at the end of your event if the following rules are met: 1. All ball pit balls have to be inside the ball pit, play area must be free of children. No food, drink spills, or sweets. Broken or damage equipment will be debited from security deposit.

When is my final balance due?

Your invoice is due  5 days prior to your event.

What happens if chance of rain % increases?

We have our very own "Lil' Munchkins Rain Policy" In the event that you have booked for an outdoor event and it rains or there is high chance of rain, and your event location does not allow for the soft play equipment to be set up indoors, we will offer you a full refund (including security deposit). 

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